Heavy machinery

Heavy machinery and off-road vehicles require a lot of quality. Pretreatment products need to pass a variety of test standards, because these machines need to work in extreme environments every day, applicable to different kinds of metal substrates. Kay Meteer's environmentally friendly and efficient products ensure long term performance.
Non highway vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, to meet the requirements of high quality industrial machinery: these devices tend to be able to withstand work in the harsh environment of the test, and can maintain a good working condition for a long time. Product quality and its design has become an important selling point, and its importance is increasing day by day. The company's overall solution provides full protection for coating adhesion and corrosion resistance.
Standardized pretreatment technology
As a leader in global surface processing technology, we are working every day to develop rich, varied and quality technology solutions. We can provide many environmentally friendly, nickel free, chrome free pretreatment processes that meet both high standards of quality and lower production costs.
We focus on metal surface treatment techniques. We have many years of industry experience and a full range of technical services based on ability, we hope to be in the initial phase of the project will provide our professional advice for you, so you can ensure your individual requirements and quality standards can be met.
Whether your products are made of sheet or thick plate, cold rolled or hot rolled material, or with oxide skin, we can provide professional chemicals to deal with.