Household appliances

As a professional supplier of pre treatment, solid has been regarded as a powerful and innovative partner for home appliance enterprises. Innovative environmentally friendly processes and global distribution can provide high quality and efficient local support to our customers.
In the field of household electrical appliances, there are different customer types, diversified customer requirements, high quality requirements and high cost pressure. Established a broad and efficient professional technical package to increase customer value and improve the efficiency of pre - processing. This includes providing localized technical support and beginning to consider the optimization process. It is particularly important to reach the same quality requirements under different conditions after the pretreatment.
environmental protection
The use of chromium and nickel containing technologies is prohibited in the appliance industry. As a professional supplier of pretreatment, a solid in the middle of the 90s prospective pay attention to this issue, such as compressor parts before treatment can use manganese phosphating process does not contain nickel, and Gardobond or X with silane based Oxsilan technology.
Solid environmental protection technology can significantly reduce the total cost of operation, reduce environmental pressure, and most importantly, improve the safety of workplace staff at the same time.
Work closely with customers to ensure customer success
As the world's leading supplier of pretreatment, manufacturers cooperate with most of our household appliances industry, we are familiar with the high quality of the market requirements, the home appliance industry after the coating plate must withstand high humidity and high temperature wet climate environment test such as hot or boiling test. In order to achieve the best performance, and make the best plan for the future development of a solid processing expert with customers and suppliers of paint from the initial design to start cooperation, if requested by the customer, can also cooperate with the equipment manufacturer, from the production line design, start cooperation.